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Welcome to a free 2 week online gathering for you to rise and claim your sovereignty as an empowered woman.

Top experts in health and wellness, personal development, spirituality, wealth and success, feminine leadership, and more have gathered to speak so they can guide you into having all the pieces of a successful and empowered life. It's from this place of success and empowerment that we can create the changes in the world so many of us wish to see.

Meet Our Speakers

Christy Whitman

The Art of Having it All

Alexis Neely aka Ali Shanti

Permission Granted - Showing up fully in life and business

Lorna Liana

5-Steps to creating Soul-Aligned Prosperity With Your Visionary Purpose

Beth Leone

Stunning Secrets of Feminine Financial Freedom


Fast Track Your Feminine Empowerment

Dr. Mary Pritchard

The Well Nourished Woman

Lady Shepsa

Awakening the Sensual Goddess


Ascend as a Soulful Feminine Leader with Beauty, Abundance, & Grace

Lisa Hale

Brining Leadership Home: Powerful Presence for Powerful Women

Jodi Cohen

Healing with Essential Oils


An Empowering approach to creating your DIVINE Body

Nichole Kellerman

Wildly Alive Weight Loss

Elisabeth Manning

The Art of a Fertile Life to Birth Your Vision

Shona Keeli Jones

Womb Illumination

Nijole Sparkis

Embracing Your Shadow

Joanne Ameya Cohen

Plant Spirit Medicine to Remember and Heal

Diana Stobo

Empowerment Through Health

Tricia Nelson

Breaking Up with Ben & Jerry: 3 Steps to End Emotional Eating Now

Sandy Zeldes

3 Critical Keys to Healing Subconscious Blocks to Weight Loss


Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle

Ara Campbell

Transforming Our Lives by Connecting to Our Truth

Lisa Marie Rosati

Keys to Living Your Goddess Lifestyle - NOW

Candice Oneida

Discovering Your Real Desires To Get What You Want

Meagan Ruppert

Feminine Purpose: Empowered, On Purpose, & Unstoppable

Debora Wayne

Biofield Healing Immersion: The Secret Key to Health, Happiness, & Pain Free Living

Jocelyn Mercado

Connecting with the Earth & Cosmos: Activate your Intuition & Brilliance

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Divine Inner Union Healing for Empowerment & Bliss

Ann Aubin Gibson

Live your Adventure ~ Whole-heartedly and with Optimal Health & Freedom

Nita Ewald

Living an Empowered Life from Your Soul:Transforming Struggle into Purpose

Torie Michelle Feldman

Medicine Toolkit for the Path of the Sacred Initiate

Carole Marueen Friesen

Your Body is Your Business... From the Bedroom to the Bank

Vanessa Broers

Time Warp: Learn how to warp time to create your future goal NOW.

Meet Your Host

Kouros Alaee

Secrets to your Dream Body and your Dream Life!

Artist Spotlights


Temple Ro: Conscious Fashion

Marya Stark

Voice of My Womb

Julia Miho Nakamura

Spotlighting Woman Rising's Featured Artist

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Musical Ambassadors of Peace

Bringing healing to Yazidi women rescued from sex slavery, and other women deeply affected by war.